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It is always important for any society to be prepared for any emergency that might happen.We live today not knowing what might occur the coming days.When it comes to resilience, people should be well informed and prepared to handle any disaster that might happen.Be it earthquake,hunger, floods or war .Being equipped is the only weapon to survive. Resilience has various pillars One of them is self awareness.Self awareness is the clear perception of yourself and your society.It entails knowing the beliefs, strengths and weakness that might be within your region.It also helps you understand more about other people.The other pillar is mindfulness.This is whereby you do not judge people and have attention on them.Mindfulness is very essential as it helps you deal with the situation at hand.There are certain principles that help build resilient communities.For that to happen, there is need to understand vulnerability.This plays a great role, since as a community you are in a position to know what you have and can work for you.In such situations, you go for what works best for the community.Promoting equity is also very important.When resources are well distributed, there will no be cases of war and hunger.There is need to also maximize on the resources.Make them useful to the society since that matters alot.

Strengthening job and housing opportunities is another vital principle.When people have jobs, there will be no high level of poverty.People will be in a position to feed their families and handle various situations.Unlike when you are jobless and have no place to stay.It is very hectic and life is very miserable.In which that leads to lawlessness and mortality rate might therefore increase.Having a place to stay especially when there are disasters should not be taken for granted.It is is very important and useful.The other principle is harnessing innovation and technology.Technology is a great tool these days.People are able to handle various things through the ability of technology.Therefore, the society should consider technology by all means so that it can aid them handle various calamities.All these becomes successful through having good leaders.If the community has leaders that do not know how to govern, then it will be in vain to handle some situations.When there are disasters, the leaders should be well informed and quick to help in responding to the situations.With good leaders, the community can as well be in a better position.

Some organizations usually come to aid This is because there are communities that are not in a position to help themselves.They can be lacking so much in which it calls for the government or some organizations to intervene.In which such instances are very dangerous.There is need to be always prepared as a community.When you depend on others for rescue, it might take too long for them to respond.The best thing is having your own weapon in which the rescue will depend on yourself and not others.Therefore, that calls for the communities to be always prepared to handle any disaster that might come their way.

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